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What we do:

Personal financial planning
We can help with your financial goals, whether it is properly planning your retirement; best utilising your funds in retirement, financially protecting yourself and your family, or investing for a special event e.g. a child/grandchild’s education. So, when was the last time you reviewed your financial plan?

Corporate financial planning
We know that as a business owner/manager, you are responsible for everything.  However, you will need expert advice on key areas such as pensions (director and staff schemes); retirement and succession planning; and financial protection of the business, to allow you time to concentrate on running your business.  We will provide that expertise for you.

Investment and portfolio management
David is highly qualified and experienced in the area of personal investment planning and portfolio management and well versed on the theory & practicalities of modern investment management.  This provides the expertise to advise you on your investments, new or existing, and chart an appropriate course for you.

Please note:
The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you have invested.

Inheritance tax, trust and estate planning*
David is a Trust & Estate Practitioner (a professional body comprising mostly solicitors, which specialises in this area of trust and inheritance tax planning).  This enables him to expertly facilitate the setting up of trusts, to assist with for example reducing inheritance tax payable by your beneficiaries or the long term control of assets in line with your wishes.

Retirement planning and pension transfers
Specific advice on the most appropriate way of building and taking pension benefits to maximise income, minimise tax, tailor risk and dovetail your eventual income in line with your needs is vital. It may also be necessary at some time in your life to consider the complex area of transferring pensions.

David is an Authorised Pension Transfer Specialist, so can advise in an impartial manner on the best way forward in these vital areas.

Pension reform

David has the experience and expertise to advise on the developing pension freedoms. In such a complex and developing arena, advice is vital.  

Life and health protection

We all like to think that nothing bad will happen, but it does. Sometimes it is to us.

If you have financial dependents, you need to consider how they would manage without you; and if ill health struck, how would you cope without income? If you are not sure how you would survive, you need a review of your financial protection

Financial Planning Process

Initial Meeting

Client Requirement Brief

Recommendation and Implementation

Review Meeting

Free 30 minute exploration of client requirements

Explanation of FMNI services and costs


1-2 hour comprehensive investigation of client circumstances, needs and risk profile

Detailed discussion on options and timetabling

Agreement on next steps and costs

 1-2 hour presentation of written recommendations

Comprehensive explanation of benefits, advantages and disadvantages including full and transparent schedule of costs

Agreement on implementation

Implementation progressed and review cycle agreed

 At pre-agreed future date FMNI proactively sets a 1-2 hour review meeting

Review performance of plans and revisit client objectives and needs

Make changes as required to maintain plan

Agree next review meeting